Protector Alsafe: Dispensing safety on site

Many organisations across Australia employ workers who are required to utilise Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while on the job. However, ensuring every employee has the necessary equipment to stay safe and healthy at work can be a significant expense.

Protector-Alsafe-ToolBoxIn the past, workers have had to coordinate with their supervisor in order to acquire the PPE they need, spending a substantial amount of unproductive time waiting for paperwork to be completed and the right equipment to be sourced.

Protector Alsafe has been developing ways to streamline this process. As a result, they have recently introduced a brand-new line of inventory management solutions designed to save you time and money when managing PPE.


Protector Alsafe’s inventory management solutions resemble traditional vending machines in the way they are used to store and distribute items, with workers able to easily access a number of different products suitable for the job at hand.

Individual machines come in a range of sizes to suit various purposes. Each machine can be fitted with a pre-chosen selection of PPE items, or customised to suit the various needs of your organisation or job site. Inventory held by the machines can be adapted or adjusted over time as well.

Using barcodes, RFID cards, key fobs, or a standard keypad login, individual employees can access the equipment they need quickly and easily. The software used in the machine records comprehensive data related to the extraction and return of items which can be used for a variety of purposes.

Protector Alsafe can provide complete on-site training to employees using these solutions, helping ensure your organisation gets the most from the service.

Inventory management solutions make it easier and more convenient to distribute stock to employees. Rather than having to travel back and forth across a large site in order to see the site foreman and access gear, machines can be installed close to where work is being conducted.

This can result in a higher standard of worker safety, as employees will feel more confident in their ability to access and utilise employer- authorised PPE in a timely manner. Machines can also be programmed to restrict access to PPE items in order to ensure only workers who have been correctly trained can access them.

The tracking and reporting capabilities of Protector Alsafe inventory management solutions also allow businesses to streamline stock management, ensuring that an accurate assessment of stock range and inventory levels are maintained at all times.

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