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smoking breaks must comply with company policy according to the fair work commission

Smoking breaks may end up a thing of the past

Piper Alderman’s  – David Ey and Gemma Twemlow recently shared their thoughts around a recent case in the Fair Work Commission that may put the kybosh on smoking breaks across many...

mining accident LHD

Mining accident |Operator ejected from door of LHD

UPDATED 6/2/2019 An operator was ejected from the door of a Load Haul Dump at a metalliferous mine when a parking brake was inadvertently engaged. According to available regulator reports, a load...

Soft tissue

Soft tissue health a top priority for reducing LTIs

A physical trainer, noted for helping FIFO workers with fitness and weight reduction plans, believes soft tissue health is the “key focus” to reducing total recorded injury frequency rates (TRIFR)...

vent tube chain crushed fingers

Vent tube chain squashed underground miner’s fingers

A mining accident at a New South Wales mine has resulted in a mineworker suffering two fractured fingers from a vent tube chain while operating a shuttle car at an underground mine. According to...

heat stress

Heat stress reminder from Regulator

WA’s Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety recently issued a safety reminder to workers about the dangers of heat stress and working in high heat environments on mine sites and remote...

mineworker UV exposure

Monitor mineworker UV exposure with wearables

With summer almost upon us, many mine sites across Australia will now be re-focusing efforts on sun protection (UV Exposure) and dehydration programs to ensure that the exposure risks to site staff...

World Mental Health Day

Today marks World Mental Health Day, a day created to shed a more positive light on mental health and to address the fact that one in five Australian are affected by mental illness.   We sat...

Safe Work and Mining

Last year 191 Australians lost their lives as a result of their employment and a further 106,000 made claims for serious injuries. 

Prostate Cancer in the Mining Community

This month is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and this week we have been running articles that offer information with the hope that you will decide to get yourself checked for Prostate Cancer with...

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