Calling Triple Zero for first aid is deadly

A recent Herald Sun article highlighted the importance of redirecting non-emergency Triple Zero calls so that emergency services can focus on saving lives.

Brenniston believes it’s important to share this message and educate Australians about when to call emergency services, and when to treat minor injuries at home with practical first aid applications.

Ambulance Victoria has saved an extra 39 people whose hearts had stopped beating, by requesting that non-emergency Triple Zero callers make their own way to hospital, see their personal GP or treat their injuries at home. An additional 7000 critical patients have been treated in time thanks to these new measures.

The Herald Sun’s Grant McArthur cited the following examples of first aid-related injuries mistakenly called-in to Triple Zero:

• Rolled ankle

• Cut finger and thumb

• Minor eye irritation

Each of these non-life-threatening injuries can be treated by a GP or effectively managed at home with an affordable first aid kit.

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