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ACA corrosion mitigation training—beat the rust

Infrastructure owners and managers need to have an asset base that is safe and reliable, while maintaining acceptable levels of service for the duration of the expected life of the asset.

Safety alert regarding self-rescue respirators

Do you use a chemical oxygen self-contained self-rescue respirator? Transporters of placard loads of toxic gases are required by the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADG7.5) to provide drivers with...

Noise Mitigation.

Cabin Noise and External Noise of mobile mining equipment have been the enemies of the industry for ages. Are we winning the battle? 

How You Can Benefit from High Definition Surveying

If you’re about to commence a large mining infrastructure project or want to assess a current structure or area before building or expanding, you’ve likely started researching into mining surveying...

Water to create economic value for Australians

Australia’s minerals industry is supporting prosperity through efficient and responsible use of our water resources, with mining’s water use as a share of national consumption falling from 3.9 per...

Simtars – a ready response

There can be no doubt that protecting the safety and health of our mine workers is of paramount importance. In Queensland, that vital role is undertaken by Simtars – the Safety in Mines Testing and...

Managing the risks of working in heat

This Guide provides practical guidance for a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) on how to manage the risks associated with working in heat and information on what to do if a worker...

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