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How to Spot and Control a Hazard

Successful Health and Safety Management Systems rely on Effective Hazard Identification Processes and Action Management. The myosh Hazard management module guides the user through a proactive process...

Increased crew safety and greater production

The mining industry is all about innovation and finding new products that are going to a) make things easier on site; b) help everyone to be more productive, and c) keep everyone safe; is imperative...

Creeping Fatigue

Mental health: main reason Australians see GP

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) says Australians are now presenting to their GP with mental health issues more than any other health concern.

CFMEU Fined Record $2.4 million

The CFMEU and its officials have been hit with record fines of $2.4 million over an unlawful blockade.

Traumatic Injury Prevention in Mining

Each year thousands of Australians are injured, or killed in the workplace. There are a variety of traumatic injuries that can occur in mining, the most common being to the hands and head. Heads are...

Noise-induced hearing loss; Causes and Prevention

Hearing loss due to occupation is one of the biggest problems facing miners with it being the second most common injury reported in the industry. This should come as no surprise to those in the...

FIFO and the effects on family life

As a FIFO worker, if you’re reading this, you will probably understand all about the frustrations, lack of control over your life, sleep disturbance, stress,  feeling lonely or socially...

Do driverless trucks save lives?

  There has been a lot of recent conversation surrounding the use of driverless trucks in mining. It was in 2015 that two Pilbara mines started using them to move iron ore. Workers control the...

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