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The Perfect Crew Boot

Blundstone Release the #243 – A Boot for the Master and the Apprentice Blundstone’s commitment to providing new designs that cater to all crew members has arrived with the launch of the #243 ‘crew...

Blackwoods workwear can support women in industry

How workwear can support women in industry

As Australia’s largest supplier of MRO, industrial and safety products, Blackwoods is proud to be a business at the forefront of supporting women in the workforce. We continue to work with our...

earth resources regulation

New digital blasting technology

Davey Bickford Enaex and partners have announced that they have demonstrated a new, wireless system “that offers increased safety, flexibility and productivity gains to the blasting market.” The new...

Bootu Creek Slope failure

Video of Bootu Creek slope failure

A video of a Bootu Creek slope failure has emerged online. The video shows a slope failure at the pit that was reportedly prone to issues before the death of a mineworker and Supervisor Craig Butler...