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Glove Guide: Is the Super Hero the Right Safety Glove for You?

safety report gloves hand injury under reporting
A recent report has revealed that many supervisors under report hand injuries.

Is the Super Hero the right safety glove for the job? When searching for safety gloves, several factors come into play. Do you need best-in-class protection? How long will the glove last? Can the glove be worn all day? Is safety more important than dexterity, or do you need the best of both worlds?

Super Hero Gloves are medium-duty safety gloves made to withstand the tough conditions of the mining, oil and gas, construction, and industrial industries. But thanks to its powerful cut protection options, our customers are finding new ways to use Super Hero gloves.

Best Use for Super Hero Gloves

The first question to ask yourself is, “what tasks will I be performing with the glove?” The Super Hero glove is best suited for a number of activities, including: Refineries, Rig Service, mining, construction, Demolition Work, Steel Handling, Warehouse Work

What Level of Cut Protection Do You Need?

Did you know? 30% of hand injuries are caused by wearing the wrong glove. That’s why cut protection is so important – it saves you from injury, and even a hospital visit. Beyond personal safety, most job sites require some level of hand protection. If you’re searching for powerful cut protection, the Super Hero has you covered.

How Important is Impact Protection?

Much like cut protection, impact protection is vital – especially when working with heavy machinery and heavy equipment. The cost of an average fracture is substantial – a cost that can be avoided with proper impact protection. We design our proprietary impact protection with Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), which disperses impact force when hit, helping to prevent serious injuries. The Super Hero glove offers several TPR impact protection features:

TPR impact protection on top of hand for maximum coverage on knuckles and fingers. This full coverage is unique and important – most gloves fail to provide coverage across the full length of fingers, exposing these areas to impact.

Separated finger TPR design for greater flexibility. While many of our gloves have TPR impact protection, the Super Hero has a separated finger design, granting you more dexterity and flexibility for one of your most-used digits.

What Safety Features are Important?

Clearly, impact protection is important. But we’ve built the Super Hero with other safety features that improve safety and longevity without sacrificing comfort – an important consideration as safety gloves are worn for long stretches of time, and the good ones can be used year after year.

How to Balance Safety and Dexterity

For some tasks, you simply need the best protection on the market. The Ringers Super Hero 179 glove was named best-in-class for dexterity plus impact protection. The independent study was performed by Dr. Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan, a world-recognized authority on hand biomechanics, injury prevention, and industrial ergonomics. The test revealed that several Ringers gloves – including the Super Hero 179 – achieved the highest rating for protecting hands from high impact while providing the necessary dexterity to successfully complete worksite tasks.

Super Hero Gloves Vs. Competitors:

During testing, the Ringers Super Hero 179 glove was rated against comparable gloves in the medium-duty category. The independent test revealed the Super Hero offered the best dexterity combined with impact protection*

Is the Super Hero Glove Right For You?

If you need best-in-class dexterity plus impact protection, Super Hero gloves are right for you. In fact, the Super Hero offers the best combination of comfort and impact protection available in our line of safety gloves. And, these gloves are made for all-day wear and last longer than comparable gloves, offering greater return on investment and a lower cost of ownership.

Contact Safety Mate to find the right level of protection and comfort for your needs.


*Refer for full details of the independent test

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