AMSJ » Loadscan improves driver behaviour through payload management

Loadscan improves driver behaviour through payload management

Loadscan is delivering benefits for safe mining through haul truck loading system volume measurement

Technology company Loadscan is delivering benefits to users including improved haul truck operator behaviours and safer mining operations.

The Loadscan load profiling system scans loaded haul trucks and provides real-time load data, including live 3D imaging, for operators and control rooms. The system improves health and safety at mines through alerting operators to overloaded or unevenly loaded haul truck bodies or trays. In addition, the system can improve braking response and alert operators to increased levels of whole-body vibration (WBV) during dumps.

Loadscan in-cab console can provide dynamic feedback on load profiles
Loadscan In-Cab Console

The Loadscan system also comes with a range of other benefits including:

  • certainty in load volumes;
  • improved productivity at sites;
  • minimising wear on tyres and haul roads;
  • minimising excessive structural loads on bodies and trays;
  • reduction of carry-back wastes.

How does the Loadscan system work?

Loadscan uses a high accuracy (+ or – 1%) volume scanning device to map and measure the loaded truck body. It captures the 3D data, calculates the load volume and provides feedback to operators or controls rooms regarding the load profile Every load record is stored in the system and connected to a desktop by LAN, WiFi, or cellular network. Data is viewed and sorted using Loadscan’s Overview reporting software or in-cab console.

The system allows operator profiles to be created and then using data analysis, the system enables specific feedback for operators to improve operational efficiency and safety.

Loadscan applications in mining

Loadscan is a complete and comprehensive mining application that allows miners to improve safety and take full control of payload measurement and management. You can find out more about the Loadscan system in the video below.

Definitely worth a look if you’re aiming to improve load profiles and increase productivity. The system looks like a win-win for safer mining and productivity!

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