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Mining giant removes mandatory jabs, face masks in Bowen Basin

Anglo Grosvenor mine meeting
Anglo staff meeting

A multinational resources company no longer requires its workers to be immunised and cover their nose and mouth in Central Queensland’s Isaac region.

Anglo American recently scrapped coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and face mask mandates at the Moranbah North Coal Mine, 211km southwest of Mackay.

“COVID vaccination policy is currently being reviewed with each MetCoal site undertaking a risk assessment [and] it has been determined through this process that the vaccine is no longer mandatory for site access,” the Moranbah North mine health and safety team said in a memorandum obtained by AMSJ.

“Face masks are no longer required to be worn on-site unless you are a symptom-free close contact and cannot socially distance. You are required to inform site [supervisors] if you are a close contact.”

Asymptomatic close contacts can continue to work if they perform rapid antigen tests every two days, monitor themselves for symptoms for one week, and wear face masks until they are no longer considered to be close contacts.

“If you have symptoms you are required to quarantine until your symptoms resolve or for seven days. You are not a close contact if you have had COVID in the past 12 weeks,” the memo said.

Any team member who tests positive must isolate for seven days.

“You are no longer required to produce a negative test before returning to work. You will only need to be symptom-free for 48 hours before returning to work,” the memo said.

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  • How many injections had already been forced on the staff without propper prior resurch! 2 3,4 (just look at the Pfizer Documents the USA courts forced them to release now; instead of the 75 years Pfizer wanted??it will chill your blood) – let alone the fact that forced medical proceedure is not legal under any circumstances – nor are mandates law, they are guidelines you can accept or not.
    Dont get me wrong glad they have gone with this decision but what about the next one – the Monkey Pox or the Mabug or what ever else these NWO crazies push – hope they are willing to PUSH BACK Hope everyone is willing to push back!!!!!

  • This will be the most busiest mine with no mandates I’m a big rig down hole blast driller if you need someone

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