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mine cyclone season

Mines prepare for cyclone season

In preparation for cyclone season many mines across Australia have already formalised emergency response plans for cyclone related events but mining safety regulators are warning that there is no...

welding fume cancer risk

Welding fume cancer risk warning

An industry regulator has warned mine sites over welding fume cancer risk and has advised that some mines have not adopted new standards following the reclassification of welding fume to a Group 1...

inspector of mines

Chief Inspector of Mines appointed

A new Chief inspector of Mines has been formally appointed to the NSW Resources Regulator (NSWRR). Garvin Burns, who has acted in the role for the past 10 months, has been appointed to the role. The...

mining incident

Driller receives electric shock | Mining Incident

In another reported dangerous mining incident in the last week,  a driller suffered an electric shock but did not sustain any serious injury. According to the New South Wales Resources Regulator...

unfair dismissal claim

‘Sour grapes’ unfair dismissal | What not to do!

If you’re thinking about an unfair dismissal claim to seek revenge or inflict damage on your employer, you should think twice. A recent decision by the Fair Work Commission has resulted in...

bhp runaway train

BHP runaway train travels 92 km before derailed

A runaway train in the Pilbara travelled more than 92 kilometres before being derailed by the BHP, causing a shut down of rail operations in Western Australia. In a statement, BHP said the derailment...

haul truck

Haul truck backs through windrow

The NSW Resources Regulator has advised of an incident this week where a haul truck backed through a windrow and ended up on unstable ground above a 10m drop. The NSWRR said “A dump truck was...

tyre handling fatality

Tyre handling fatality at Bengalla mine

BREAKING NEWS:A tyre fitter/maintainer has been killed at Bengalla mine. Police said emergency services were called to the mine just before 8pm on Saturday, after reports of an industrial accident...

Chinese Mine Disaster

Final death toll at 21 in Chinese mine disaster

The final death toll from a Chinese mine disaster has been confirmed at 21, following the discovery of two bodies this week. The disaster occurred at a coal mine in Shandong Province south east of...

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