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Here comes the sun

[hr]With summer almost upon us, the Cancer Council delivers a timely reminder about the dangers of too much UV exposure and explains what to look for when checking for the early signs of skin cancer...

01 - Biodiversity & Mining In The Yilgarn Region

Biodiversity & mining in the Yilgarn region

[hr]Curtin University’s Environmental Biology Group has partnered with Polaris Metals, a subsidiary of Mineral Resources, to develop an understanding of the relationship between biodiversity and the...

What Leadership Type Are You?

Quality of leadership can make all the difference to the standard of safety in any organisation, writes Dr Marcus Cattani. If your business has safety performance problems turning the organisation...




The real dangers of corrosion

[hr]At about 3.00 pm on 6 November 2007 Ian Battams, an underground maintenance worker at the Perilya Broken Hill Southern Operations, fell through the handrail of a raised walkway while cleaning the...

Manganese train ploughs into four wheel drive

The driver of a four wheel drive had a lucky escape after a train carrying manganese ploughed into his vehicle near Katherine in the Northern Territory. According to the NT News, the train was...

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