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Pike River recovers loader

Pike River Recovery Agency
The loader driven by Daniel Rockhouse at the time of the 2010 Pike River Mine explosion is towed from the portal to storage on site.

Pike River Recovery Agency released today (30 March 2021) the loader driven by Daniel Rockhouse at the time of the explosion was removed from the A roadway in PBiS last week.

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The focus for the week was on completing forensics and delayering of debris in the B3 roadway and the removal of some equipment from the A roadway.

Chief Operating Officer Dinghy Pattinson says the plan to recover the loader went safely and smoothly.

“Family members were based in our site Families Room to watch the loader being towed from the portal.  Afterwards, they were able to stand at our Amenities area and see the loader being towed past them to storage at the helipad area,” he says.

The work plan in PBiS is continually updated and reviewed on a weekly basis with input from Police and their experts. The experts are spending more time underground with PRRA crews on a daily basis which is beneficial for both parties and is working well in terms of planning and information sharing.

Safety remains top priority while removing heavy equipment out of PBiS.

The focus for the coming week will be removing the pumps and motors out of B3 roadway.

Work for the coming week includes: More equipment to be removed from B3 roadway; Planning to be undertaken for large equipment to come out of PBis; Risk assessment PHMP reviews and Management Plan reviews.

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