AMSJ » Qld mine workers come forward about substandard environment

Qld mine workers come forward about substandard environment

Rio Tinto female worker
A female mine worker

Resources employees went public about poor work conditions at multiple Central Queensland mining operations.

Female workers from three undisclosed mine sites recently claimed they were urinated on, exposed to pornographic material, and sexually harassed to the point they never got married.

Mel accused her former employer of unfair dismissal after complaining about unwanted advances back in 2014.

The woman claims she told the man in question she was not interested in mixing “work with pleasure”, so “put him in his place” and changed circuits. However, he also switched circuits to join her.

He later allegedly called the woman a “sl-t, c–t and prick tease” at a Dysart pub before following her back to her car and relieving himself in public.

“I turned around … and he has got his penis out he has pissed on me,” she said according to News Limited.

“He just laughed [and] he thought it was funny.”

When she complained about the incident to management both the accused and alleged victim were dismissed within a fortnight.

Rachel separately accused a friend of the company owner’s family of loudly playing pornographic material on his laptop at work in the early 2010s. The man allegedly used graphic images as “screen savers” and questioned her about intimacy preferences.

When this conduct was reported to managers they allegedly shrugged off the matter.

“They thought it was hilarious,” she said according to the media outlet.

“The boys … laughing thinking it was funny just encouraged it, it was really bad [and] I was desperate to stay in the job.”

Sarah, on the other hand, blames unnecessary comments from older male coworkers for causing her to avoid relationships altogether since the 1990s.

“It has ruined me, I should be married, I should have children – I just do not let anyone near me because I am so untrusting,” she said.

“It has completely rewired my whole body image. It has impacted me to the point I have become a social recluse.”

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