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Queensland Resources Council in support of safety reset

Queensland Resources Council QRC said it supports safety reset in Queensland mines

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) said it will work with the Government, unions and mine workers to implement the outcomes of last week’s safety summit, including a safety reset to reach every worker on every shift following the recent spate of fatalities across the state.

In a media statement, the council reiterated that ‘The issue of safety is an ongoing top priority in our industry and there is a shared commitment to safety from all in our sector. The recent tragic loss of life and injury must strengthen that commitment and our collective resolve.’

‘Everyone who works in a mine or a quarry – or any other workplace for that matter – is entitled to leave for work and return home safely to their loved ones.’

It said ‘When resources companies say safety is their top priority, it’s backed with action. Each mine in Queensland already has substantial and regular safety briefings and procedures in place.’


The QRC also says that is has committed to working with the Government on the two safety reviews established by Minister Lynham and our member companies have committed to a safety reset across all mines. This reset will be on top of the comprehensive safety briefings that already occur on each mine site. The safety reset will have the ability to meet mine-by-mine and site-specific requirements to ensure the best safety outcomes. The objective must be to reach every worker across every shift. Therefore, these resets will be tailored to individual sites and their various rostering and operational requirements.

The Queensland Resources Council said it will work with the employee representatives – the CFMEU and the AWU – to ensure our industry has the most robust safety culture it can and that two-way conversations between management and operational staff are ongoing. It highlighted that it will participate in a safety forum at the annual Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference next month (18 to 21 August).

Culture has been identified by the QRC as a potential point for investigation. ‘We will also work with the Government on reforms to strengthen safety culture in the resources sector. This includes further discussions on sanctions for reckless behaviour, as well as the Government’s proposal for legislation on the offence of industrial manslaughter‘.

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