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South Australia aiming for more mining jobs

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The South Australian Government today launched ‘Building on our Strengths – South Australia’s Energy and Mining Strategy’ to outline the central role these sectors will play in delivering an early recovery from the economic downturn produced by COVID-19.

Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan said the strategy is expected to deliver 25,000 – 30,000 additional jobs by 2030.

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Budget confirms mining is key to recovery, jobs and essential services

“This industry-guided strategy aligns with the ambitions of ‘Growth State – Our Plan for Prosperity’ to harness nine priority sectors to drive sustained economic growth,” Minister van Holst Pellekaan said.

“South Australia’s Energy and Mining Strategy underlines the strength and resilience of these sectors and highlights the major role they have in facilitating the state’s economic recovery.

“Some of the innovative programs launched in the past 12 months have been incorporated into the strategy and emerging strengths and opportunities identified for future government attention.

“Central to South Austarlia’s future in energy and mining will be an even stronger investment in our clean energy transition and more modern, lower impact development of our natural resources.

“Ensuring our natural resources are developed and managed responsibly is an important element in ensuring South Australia eventually emerges stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic and the global economic downturn it has triggered.

“Building upon the feedback from the consultation, a new $5.6 million investment will help new and expanding resource projects in South Australia by addressing issues around infrastructure and water.

“By establishing infrastructure corridors for priority regions, projects will find it easier to secure power, transport and water whilst reducing the environmental, cultural and financial impacts of duplicating infrastructure.

“The initiative will also expand our knowledge of groundwater resources in priority regions so that proponents can understand all their options in sourcing water sustainably.”

Minister for Trade and Investment Stephen Patterson said the Mining and Energy industry will play a critical role in growing the state’s economy.

“South Australia’s 300 mines and quarries produced more than $5 billion in mineral sales in 2019, and we’re a nation-leader in renewable energy – and our ambition is growing.

“We have the drive and capability to grow this sector, and the Energy and Mining Strategy sets out a plan of how we’re going to get there.

“By working hand in glove with industry to propel these key projects, together we will take this sector to new heights.”

Mining and Energy Advisory Council (MEAC) Chair Pauline Carr welcomed industry’s inclusion in the process of designing a comprehensive strategy for the sectors.

“The State Government correctly identified the energy and mining as one of nine priority sectors most likely contribute to the pickup in activity,” Ms Carr said.

“The South Australian Government worked closely with industry and asked us to help shape its Energy and Mining Strategy.

“We have taken this opportunity to highlight to the government the areas within Growth State’s four enablers that would best facilitate an acceleration in economic activity in our sector,” she said.

MEAC is the state government’s principal industry advisory group for the minerals and energy sectors and meets regularly to inform the Minister for Energy and Mining on key issues facing business.

Minister van Holst Pellekaan said the state’s mining and energy industries have played a substantial role in the growth and prosperity of South Australia, and the Energy and Mining Strategy illustrates how they will continue to play a supporting role for years to come.

“This strategy has been carefully designed to leverage South Australia’s competitive advantages and identify and support emerging opportunities created by the creation of a modern energy system,” Minister van Holst Pellekaan said.

“Removing barriers and facilitating progress are key pillars of South Australia’s Energy and Mining Strategy and will help to focus resources and energies where they are most needed.

“This strategy also defines the scope of the Energy and Mining sector’s involvement in the state and suggests ambitious targets to encourage business confidence, attract further investment and address barriers to growth.

“Maintaining strong energy and mining sectors will be critical in ensuring our state and the wider Australian economy are well-positioned to pick up when the global economy recovers from this pandemic.”

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