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A BHP work Christmas party had disastrous outcomes for employees after one punched a supervisor

BHP work Christmas party that went horribly wrong

A recent case of the Fair Work Commission involving two BHP workers reportedly punching a ‘noticeably drunk’ supervisor in the face at the Moranbah Bowls Club has highlighted the...

fight at mine site

Employees entitlements in wake of bushfires

In the wake of the recent bushfires, employers are often left wondering what they should do in respect of employee entitlements. Here are some key question and answers on managing employee...

fair work audits check pay

Fair work audits remote communities

Fair Work has continued with a range of compliance audits across businesses in remote communities in Australia, including those in the mining communities. The Fair Work Ombudsman recently completed...

smoking breaks must comply with company policy according to the fair work commission

Smoking breaks may end up a thing of the past

Piper Alderman’s  – David Ey and Gemma Twemlow recently shared their thoughts around a recent case in the Fair Work Commission that may put the kybosh on smoking breaks across many...

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