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Mine safety importance is defined by the way mining operators and mining companies address safety issues. Mine safety importance was recently highlighted by the Vale Brumadinho tragedy where an estimated 300 people lost their lives. Ethical Investors have recently played an increasing role in pressuring companies to address the importance of mine safety.

A bit on the Nosing – Nano55 Gripmaster Nosings

It’s True! The stairs are greener on the other side of the fence! – and there’s a good reason why! It’s likely they are using Amco’s new Nano55 Gripmaster Nosings! After being contacted by a leading...


More than just a town nestled on the coast of Western Australia with warm turquoise waters, Broome has many layers and as Michael Osborne discovered, it’s the history which is most interesting.

Guide to fit testing respiratory masks

The correct fitting of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is critical to ensure a tight seal is made around the face and the respirator is able to prevent exposure to contaminants. 

Importance of Dust Management in Australian Mining

Coal remains one of the primary sources of energy and is likely to remain an important energy resource well into the future. As metallurgical coal also remains an important commodity to produce steel...

Something Went Wrong With Safety In The 1990s

By Dave Whitefield   It Started With The Industrial Revolution The modern concept of occupational safety is generally taken to have kicked off because of the industrial revolution. This time...

Mining Equipment Maintenance

Economy and Safety -which approach will survive the stress test and can different strategies work together? – by DMITRY PRZHEDETSKY (The economic constraints have rekindled a century-old...

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