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Shiftwork lifestyles study

Managing weight as a night shift worker

Shiftwork study to examine weight in night shift workers If you’re one of Australia’s 1.4 million shift workers, it will be clear to you that managing irregular hours can be hard...

work injury at a fifo site cricket

FIFO worker injured in cricket match | Compo upheld

A FIFO worker who was injured in a cricket match between shifts on a FIFO site has had a Return to WorkSA appeal (See Note 1) squashed after ReturntoWork SA sort to exclude his injury from...

Shift Workers Warned To Reduce Energy Drinks in Diet

Shift Workers Warned To Reduce Energy Drinks in Diet

Shift workers in mining are being warned to minimise energy drinks in their diet to avoid the risk of health complications associated with caffeine toxicity. According to WorkCover Qld, The...

Better sleep quality with melatonin pills

Melatonin Pills Could Improve Sleep Quality

A study using melatonin pills to aid sleep in an ICU environment in Beijing has found that the hormone does improve the quality of sleep, even in a noisy and illuminated environment. The research...

High Iron Foods Bad for the Livers of Shift Workers

Shift workers who eat high-iron foods at night may be disrupting the circadian clock in their livers and adversely affecting their health, according to a new study. Disrupted circadian clocks...

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