transitioningmine worker to mine boss

Transitioning from a mine worker to a mine boss

MINE WORKER TO MINE BOSS – It is common for many employees in the mining industry to start at the grass-roots level and transition to a range of supervisory and management roles in various...

new mining skills

New mining skills hubs to supercharge future workforce

Three new mining skills project hubs announced today will deliver better training and assessment faster to help create thousands of new apprenticeships and supercharge the development of Australia’s...

Going deeper underground

The role of Vicon, virtual reality & serious gaming in STS3D’s training for miners – Improving safety and increasing production efficiency in the increasingly challenging mining industry...

Dean Jorgenson has transitioned from Barista to Miner

Barista transitions to mining

A hospitality worker and former Barista has made a leap of faith and is transitioning to a new role in BMA’s Operational Services. BMA says that Dean Jorgensen was destined for a career in...

Scholarship Announced For Automotive Tradies

New Scholarship Announced For Automotive Tradies

The Motor Trades Association of Queensland and MTA Institute have announced they will be awarding two full scholarships per year for trade-qualified automotive employees. The MTA Queensland VET...

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