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Have you ever had a mining advertising campaign that didn’t work? Spent a whole lot of money and got a pretty shabby result. Do you believe that your mining advertising performance should be measurable and result in the generation of leads or branding awareness? We do too. That’s why we work with you to define your campaign objectives and put measurable results in place. We even provide you with a performance guarantee. If we don’t do what we say…you don’t PAY.


We’re sick of the rhetoric and current level of BS perpetrated by online mining publishers in Australia about their advertising performance. They won’t show you their Google backend and they use cloak and dagger to imply their performance is substantial. It’s wrong and it must stop!

That’s the reason we introduced our PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE. No other mining publisher in Australia provides this comprehensive mining advertising guarantee. We really want you to gain a bigger slice of the mining market and grow your brand. It’s that simple. If you’re successful, you’ll tell others and we’ll grow together.

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Is there a place for my brand in mining?

State of the Market Repor

Based on existing research, we know that the current rates of growth across the mining and energy sectors provide significant opportunities for brands to engage with the industry and sell more products and services to the industry. To help you understand just how big it is and how fast the mining industry is growing, we’ve developed Australia’s most comprehensive guide on new and developing mining projects that your business can tap into..

Australia’s leading mining media brand

Publishers Australia Awards finalist in 2016 and 2017

Australasian Mine Safety Journal is one of Australasia’s most engaged mining online and print media brands.  The platform reaches more one hundred and twenty thousand users each month and has more than two hundred thousand views of content across the site. Our users come from a diverse background and include managers, supervisors, operators and even the partners of mining industry personnel.

We’ve grown to be much more than just a mining publication. We’re a community of around 40K users who actively consume critical safety-related content to prevent accidents and injuries across the growing mining industry;  We provide powerful content to prevent accidents, introduce safety initiatives, products and services; and provide powerful objective commentary on the state of safety in the Industry.

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AMSJ Partners

Some of Australia’s largest mining brands and their advertising agencies work with us in partnerships and campaigns to get real tangible results.  Each uses a unique mix of advertising, brand influence, influencers, sponsored content, native, email, audience targeting and the path to purchase tools.

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