Sago mine disaster Victims

Sago Mine Disaster

The Sago Mine disaster is one of the world’s most tragic mine disasters. Twenty-nine coal miners went underground at International Coal Group’s Sago Mine near Buckhannon in Upshur County, West...

gretley mine disaster victims

Remembering Gretley Mine Disaster

The Gretley mine disaster of 1996 claimed the lives of four men following an inrush of water. At about 5.30 am on 14 November 1996 employees of The Newcastle Wallsend Coal Company Pty Limited, were...

early breathing apparatus

Breathing apparatus in mining | Don’t hold your breath

Food, clothing and shelter may be the basic needs of humankind, but they pale in comparison to our most essential need of all; the need to breathe. Breathing apparatus can be fundamental to survival...

Knockshinnoch Disaster

Video footage of Knockshinnoch disaster 70 years

The Knockshinnoch disaster was a mining accident that occurred in September 1950 in the village of New Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.  This year marks 70 years...

moura mine disaster

Emergency at Moura – What did we learn?

The Moura mine disaster of 1994 is a case study in the failure of organisational learning and emergency knowledge management, writes Judith Ann Chapman. Just before midnight on 7 August 1994, the...

Appin Coal mine disaster

Appin Coal mine disaster

The 24th of July marks the anniversary of the Appin coal mine disaster which saw fourteen miners lose their lives in a gas explosion. Australian Iron and Steel, a subsidiary of BHP, were at the helm...

Moura No 4 Mine Disaster showing conveyor damage following explosion

Remembering Moura No 4 mine disaster

At about 11:05 a.m. on 16th July 1986 an explosion occurred in Moura No. 4 Underground Mine in Central Queensland. That explosion later to be known as the Moura No 4 mine disaster claimed the lives...

Emu gold mine disaster

Emu Mine Disaster

On 13 June 1989, six mineworkers lost their lives in a mining accident known as the Emu Mine Disaster that captured the attention of a nation. The disaster is arguably one of the worst mine disasters...

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