Category - Emergency Equipment

Mining sites use risk assessment processes to determine potential emergency events and circumstances that may exist. As part of this process, the mining site will need to consider the types of emergency equipment that can be used to mitigate the emergency.

Mining sites should ensure that they obtain the resources necessary to carry out their emergency plans. Each mining operation site has its own potential hazards and unique characteristics in considering what emergency that needs to be managed (either internally or externally).

Ultimately a mining site must provide sufficient equipment to provide an immediate response to the emergency scenario likely to occur. Maintaining and storing emergency equipment can be critical to survival in a mining emergency.

AMSJ provides content on the equipment and its application in the mining emergency life cycle.

Mine sites must also consider having sufficient equipment available and operationally ready to deliver the objectives of the emergency response plan.

The type of items that the mining operation will require is determined by the risk assessment process and the size and nature of the operation.

Equipment considerations may include breathing apparatus, work at height equipment, confined spaces equipment, fire fighting equipment, HAZMAT equipment together with a range of personal protective equipment to support the specific emergencies likely to be encountered on the mining operation.

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