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Strata launches new emergency refuge chamber

Emergency refuge chamber

Strata Worldwide has announced the global launch of its next generation emergency refuge chamber; the Strata ERCX.

Emergency refuge chamber interior

The Strata ERCX is a steel-sided, walk-in refuge chamber for use in underground metal/nonmetal mines, tunnelling operations, chemical plants, and any other industrial facility where emergency isolation for workers may be required.

The new design is intended to provide greater flexibility for custom configurations, and to implement many time-learned improvements for occupant safety and comfort.

“We have been engineering and constructing refuge chambers for the global mining and tunnelling markets for over 13 years,” states David Maust, General Manager of Emergency Refuge Chambers – Americas. “We have learned valuable lessons from our experiences and through customer input. It was our primary goal to develop a product that would meet the preferences of our customers, and at the same time be easily tailored to meet local and industry-based regulations.”

The ERCX is available in four standard sizes, 8-, 12-, 20- and 26-Person and has select base configurations. It also boasts a comprehensive list of customer-preferred options.

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These options range from structural modifications of the emergency refuge chambers, such as wheel and hitch packages and airlock entrance compartments, to highly sophisticated communications and remote monitoring systems that include several options for establishing a live connection to the surface.

  • Emergency refuge chamber

Time duration selections include 24, 36, 48 and 96 hours of breathable air and battery back-up on-board supplies.

“We are very optimistic about this new product launch,” CEO Mike Berube says.

“As a company, Strata Worldwide is always looking to enhance and expand its safety product lines, and this new design of one of our core products is another step forward on our mission. We wanted to create a globally recognizable product that brings to our customers the latest technologies available.”

Refuge Chamber Telematics

The ERCX has earned mining industry certifications from MSHA and ATEX, as well as ITA & BS EN tunnelling certifications.

The new emergency refuge chambers are ready to order, with Strata already making its first deliveries now.

Strata Worldwide


Download the new emergency refuge chamber data sheets here

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