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selecting work boots

Best work boots | A guide to selecting work boots

If you’re trying to find the best work boots for the job it can be a daunting task. There are literally hundreds of different models on the market to choose from and many offer a range of...

landholder compensation agreements

Landholder compensation law reforms tips scales

Queensland landholders can be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses incurred in negotiating conduct and compensation agreements with a resource company – as of April 19th – regardless of...

jade mine disaster myanmar

50 believed to be dead in Myanmar mine mudslide

50 mine workers are believed to have died following a mudslide at a jade mine in the northern part of Myanmar. An MP from the region has told media sources that more than “50 people are...

china coal mine safety mining labour hire ban

Mining labour hire to be banned in China

In an unprecedented decision, the Chinese Government has moved to ban labour hire in the Chinese mining industry citing issues with safety as a primary concern for the ban. The National Coal Mine...

light vehicle incident nsw mine

Light vehicle hits drill steel

A light vehicle incident at a NSW mine has highlighted risks from equipment protruding from vehicles. A light vehicle hit a drill steel protruding from a jumbo drilling rig that was parked in the...

fatigue risks long working hours

Research finds links between long hours and risk

A US researcher has found that working a shift longer than 9 hours was associated with a 32% increased risk of an injury resulting in death and a 73% increased risk that an incident would cause...

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