Emergency management and rescue activities at sites is an important element of a mining sites’ risk mitigation strategy.

Mines rescue facilitates the rescue of personnel from hazardous (often life-threatening) conditions in underground or surface mines. It is typically performed by highly trained personnel who are familiar with the hazards associated when operating at a mine site. The uniques skills of rescuers involve the identification and control of hazards including flammable or toxic gases, oxygen-deficient atmospheres, mine fires, complicated geological conditions, flooding with water or extraction of personnel from mining vehicles. Teams work together under a command structure to develop strategies to recover miners trapped in emergency situations either underground or on the surface of the mine while not placing themselves in harm.

There are two aspects to mines rescue. The primary objective is to recover personnel from hazardous condition underground. The secondary objective may be to recover the mine and prepare it for reuse following an incident.

Mines rescues and emergency personnel are typically divided into structured teams with a range of tasks and activities performed. Mines rescuers may be a volunteer or employed mine site or governmental staff. They are typically highly trained in the aspects of rescue in a mining environment and often participate in mines rescue competitions both nationally and globally. These competitions test rescue capabilities and rescue decision making across a range of scenarios

Following an unsuccessful rescue attempt, mines rescue may be responsible for body recovery or recovery of the mining operation which may include re-ventilation of an underground mine, control of a mine fire, drainage of water or other fluids underground, installing interim roof support (geological support). These activities are hazardous and only undertaken following careful planning.

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Jeebropilly mines rescue challenge

Jeebropilly hosts intense rescue challenge

Jeebropilly, the last operating coal mine in the Ipswich Region, recently hosted one of the most intense mines rescue challenges on record.  Seven teams from across Queensland and one from NSW...

Mines Rescue Competition Wraps up in NSW

Mines rescue challenge wraps up in NSW

The 2019 NSW Mine Rescue Challenge, hosted by Evolution Mining, wrapped up this week after 3 days of exercises and events in and around West Wyalong. Rescue teams came from mining operations around...

mines rescue case study - rescue team carries stretcher with patient

To The Rescue

A case study of the training practices of the Mine Rescue Team at Golden Grove, Western Australia. Golden Grove background Golden Grove, 500 km north of Perth, is a complex and challenging operation...

Middlemount coal emergency response has brought criticism from unions and others

Middlemount Coal acknowledges emergency response

Middlemount Coal has responded to criticisms of emergency response efforts and support for site workers and families. Last week Stephen Smyth District President of the CFMMEU spoke to the ABC...

A touching letter from a miners wife

Letter from a miners wife to Middlemount Coal

In the fallout from the Middlemount tragedy, there are people across the wider mining industry hurting pretty badly. They’re also asking…why? Why did a husband, father, son, uncle die in...

Newcastle mines rescue competition winners Team Orange

Newcastle mines rescue competition

Mines rescue teams and brigadesmen have tested their metal in the annual Newcastle Mines Rescue Competition. The teams gathered at the Abel Mine (Yancoal) approximately 25km from the Port of...

Mount mulligan mine disaster image outside portal

Mount Mulligan mine disaster

The Mount Mulligan mine disaster of 1921 shocked the nation and brought about badly needed changes to legislation. Mine safety professionals across the country were forced to reassess their attitude...

Griffin coal mine fire

Fire shuts down Griffin Coal

A conveyor fire that spread into coal storage hoppers at embattled Griffin Coal Ewington Mine in Collie Western Australia has resulted in damage to coal loading facilities. The fire reportedly took...

Rescue scene as mines rescue search for missing miner

Chilean mines rescuers find body of missing miner

Chilean mines rescue workers have located the body of a missing miner. In a statement issued by the Mining Ministry of Chile, Mining minister Baldo Prokurica reported that this morning the lifeless...

a survivor from the chilean copper mine is treated for injuries

Mines rescue still searching in Chilean mine accident

Mines rescue teams are still searching for a miner missing in a Chilean mine accident in a copper mine. The Chilean mine accident in a copper mine claimed the life of one miner after a fall of ground...