AMSJ » Authority approves reopening Far North Qld mines

Authority approves reopening Far North Qld mines

Wolfram Camp mine
Wolfram Camp mine

A mining company has received the green light to resume mineral production in the Atherton Tableland and Mareeba Shire regions.

The State Department of Resources recently approved exploration permits for minerals at EQ Resources’ Wolfram Camp (133km west of Cairns) and Bamford Hill (143km southwest of Cairns) mines.

Although Wolfram was abandoned in 2018 the wolframite operation can be reopened for drilling, geological mapping, soil and rock sampling plus other on-ground exploration work across a 480 sq km area.

The decision came in response to a jump in global demand for solar cells, wind turbine blades, batteries, microelectronics, tools, construction, defence and medical technologies.

“As we did with the Mount Carbine mine we are committed to engaging closely with all local communities around Wolfram Camp to create shared prosperity and opportunities. This includes generating new employment avenues, contributing to the local economy and promoting responsible environmental stewardship,” EQ Resources CEO Kevin MacNeill said in a public statement.

“We are excited to get boots on the ground.”

Re-commercialising former mines is a priority of the State Government’s Queensland Critical Minerals Strategy and Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan

“Approval of this exploration permit is a crucial step in our mission to transform Queensland’s former mines into productive, job creating assets,” State Resources and Critical Minerals Minister Scott Stewart said.

“This will not only create more good jobs for the region but helps us meet the challenge of leading the world towards a decarbonised future.”

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