What is good safety culture

What are the elements of good safety culture?

Hale’s (2000) “elements for a good culture for safety” In a Safety Science editorial titled ‘Culture’s confusions,’ Hale (2000) offered the following list of eight “elements for a good culture for...

Zero harm may be an unreal response

Zero harm safety – Just say no!

We are still causing too much serious injury illness and death at work and if we keep doing the same thing we will get the same result. In 2012, Dave Whitefield shared his thoughts with us on Zero...

developing safety policy

Safety policy – from compliance to desire-driven

David Provan talks about the challenges of Safety Differently in the context of developing a safety policy. David writes….As a safety professional the concepts of safety differently can be...

Workplace Safety low hanging fruit

Beyond the low hanging fruit in workplace safety

OPINION Dave Whitefield writes ….Now, I’m going to drastically oversimplify workplace safety here, but essentially I would like to put forward a case. To achieve great safety outcomes we only...

workplace culture in mining

Trends in workplace culture in 2019

Workplaces across every industry are becoming more and more aware of the importance culture plays in organisational success, according to coaching firm Corporate Edge. Culture plays a central...