Category - Incident Command

Having an effective incident command structure is critical to any mine emergency. A mine incident command structure typically relies on a mine incident management team led by an Incident Controller

Member’s of the incident management team gather and coordinate critical information associated with the mine emergency, work with external agencies such as police, fire services or military (where appropriate), experts in the mine emergency (ie. mine gas, mine fires or geological (strata) engineers and external relations advisors.

An incident command structure may include technical experts, personnel familiar with the mine, mines rescue command and other personnel as appropriate given the nature of the emergency. It will always be led by an Incident controller who will direct personnel and resources to respond to the incident.

one act play media release north goonyella

CFMEU welcomes Peabody findings but…

Like the Peabody planned staged re-entry to the North Goonyella coal mine, so too has been the staged releases to media surrounding the circumstances of the coal mine fire. On the surface, it looks...

Three People Killed And Ten Injured In Oil Rig Explosion

Three People Killed And Ten Injured In Oil Rig Explosion

Three people have been killed and ten injured after a massive explosion at an oil rig off the coast of Brazil. Six other workers are still missing from the FPSO Cidade de Sao Mateus oil rig located...

re-entering pike river mine

Re-entering Pike River

Mine re-entry has long been a contentious issue for mines rescue services globally. Mine safety researchers discuss the development of software used in re-entering Pike River mine and how it might...