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Leveraging tech for a safer future

There’s an exciting range of safety technology that’s emerging to make our workplaces safer, but the challenge remains how we embrace it.

The Internet of Things (IOT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) are rapidly evolving to revolutionise the way we work. In fact, if you haven’t experienced or read about it, now is the time to begin to imagine the future of safety in the next industrial revolution.

RMIT University summed it up recently stating “advances in communication technologies, devices connected to the internet and data analytics are occurring at a much quicker pace than at any other time in history.”

“As a result, many believe we are now living through a fourth industrial revolution, referred to as ‘industry 4.0’”

“Computers and self-reporting smart sensors are found in even the smallest of devices (such as smartphones)—with data stored and analysed on the internet (the cloud). As a result, there is so much data that the term big data was coined to refer to it and systems have been created to learn from this data by identifying patterns. This has enabled businesses across all industries to access new insights that have helped to optimise operations and improve efficiencies.”

In this edition we have sought to showcase some of the latest technologies that will drive our safer future. We take a look at the future of work health & safety in a digital economy and how COVID-19 is driving change within the mining sector and indeed the broader community. It is crystal clear that there will be a range of technology impacts in the sector as we embrace the tech but with the change also comes opportunities from a health and safety perspective as well as a production perspective.

The lesson for all of us in the industry is to upskill to make the mining industry more innovative and competitive in the post Covid world where we have already started to witness the softening of commodity prices (particularly that in the coal industry).

Our regular columnist David Clarke (CEO of the Australian Institute of Health & Safety) shares his thoughts on the recent Victorian Covid-19 crisis and explores the learnings from his experiences on the Victorian Healthcare Worker Infection Taskforce.

We have also published an important article around quantifying safety culture in the industry. The article presents the Assessment Tree Method for safety culture quantification and it is sure to stimulate the senses for safety professionals.

Senior Software Engineer Taylor Armeding presents her thoughts on the impacts of digital security on our connected ‘safe’ world.

I hope this edition will stimulate your thinking on our safer digital future and help you consider the opportunities that lie ahead.

John Ninness
Consultant Editor


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