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reckless conduct put a company director behind bars

Company director jailed for death of worker in WA

A prison sentence recently handed down to a company director in the Magistrates Court serves as a timely reminder that regulators are willing to seek, and courts are increasingly willing to impose...

COVID-19 Vaccination at work

Can my boss direct me to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Whether a private employer can direct its employees to be vaccinated is a multi-faceted issue and one that will clearly emerge over the forthcoming months. Partner of Law firm Hall & Willcox...

reckless conduct

Reckless conduct and its’ implications for work safety

One of the most serious breaches of workplace health and safety laws involves reckless conduct. In most states, including Queensland, reckless conduct that exposes an employee to a risk of death or...

Lawyers welcome new mine safety laws

Queensland lawyers welcome new mining safety laws

Queensland lawyers have welcomed the new Queensland mine health and safety laws. Maurice Blackburn State Managing Principal Rod Hodgson has welcomed the introduction of industrial manslaughter laws...

industrial manslaughter debate and impact on health and safety legsilation

Industrial manslaughter debate

OPINION Greg Smith is an international award-winning author and qualified lawyer who has spent more than two decades specialising in Employment Law and Workplace Health & Safety.  Greg recently...

Changes to qld workers compensation scheme affecting psychological injury

Queensland workers’ compensation scheme update

On 22 October 2019, the Queensland Parliament passed legislation amending the workers’ compensation scheme in Queensland. The Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation and Other Legislation...