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pike river mine daniel rockhouse

Pike River survivor tells his story

One of only two men to survive the Pike River mine disaster is working in a Queensland mine and has now shared his tragic story of how the disaster tore apart his family. Daniel Rockhouse (Rocky) to...

Underground coal mine explosion kills four

Four mine workers have been killed in an underground coal mine explosion in Pakistan’s northwest Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. A further two mine workers have been recovered from the mine alive...

fire port of dampier

Port of Dampier fire

A Port of Dampier fire in a screen house that occurred on Saturday night has been confirmed by Rio Tinto. The fire was contained to the screen house at its East Intercourse Island port operation...

wongawilli colliery mine safety concerns

Mine safety concerns close century old mine

A coal mine that has operated for more than a century will be forced to shut down because state authorities have banned mining activities due to mine safety concerns. A number of roof falls, conveyor...

mobile plant accident scene

WA Regulator drops charges in mobile plant accident

The WA Department of Justice (State Solicitor) has dropped charges against a drilling company for a mobile plant accident where a drilling offsider was run over by a tracked vehicle on a salt lake in...

highwall collapse loader operator fatality

Highwall collapse investigation report

The US-based Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has released an investigation report involving the fatality of a loader operator from a highwall collapse at the Little Spring Creek Mine in...

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