Mine safety research seeks to evaluate and quantify condition affecting the health and safety of mine workers. AMSJ regularly features a range of research articles that contribute to the global discussion and body of knowledge on the health and safety of mine workers and the communities where they live.

Our page provides summaries and links to the latest cutting-edge research and provides a forum for researchers to share their findings with the mining community.

Australasian Mine Safety Journal provides links to the world’s leading research providers, research funding organisations, research related conferences and other related bodies.

Research areas of interest to our readership extend across emerging issues in mine safety and health including FIFO, human-machine interactions (proximity detection), management of dust, the effects of automation on mining safety and health, programmable electronic systems in safety and health, malware and software issues that may affect workers, remote operations centre health and safety, refuge and shelter in underground mines.

We welcome contributions from leading safety and health researchers.

Breathe easy knowing your self-rescuers are compliant

Self-rescuers have long been a health and safety requirement in the underground mining industry. These small devices, carried by miners every day, provide the user with ability to protect themselves...

Komatsu driverless trucks

Mining jobs will be automated says industry

More resources workers will work with autonomous technology in the not-too-distant future, a report found. Mine employees with experience in driverless, remote-controlled and smart machinery will be...

Rio Tinto female worker

Mining giant comes clean about poor work conditions

A multinational resources company has confessed to providing a substandard environment to employees. Rio Tinto confirmed 28.2 per cent of females and 6.7 per cent of males recently experienced sexual...

Hard hats underground mine

Number of work fatalities drops across industry

Fewer mine workers died on the job nation according to a federally funded national policy agency. The total number of workplace fatalities across the resources sector fell 28.6 per cent to five...

technology assisting workplaces to prevent injuries-min

Technology assisting workplaces to prevent injuries

A new range of connected wearable technologies may be already improving safety across the mining industry. Serious workplace injuries and illnesses cost the Australian economy an estimated $61.8...

Dr Tinh Doan

New super sensors to improve mine safety

A University of Southern Queensland researcher has developed a new range of tough silicon carbide super sensors which that will enable early detection of mechanical issues in harsh environments...

Quantifying Safety Culture

Safety culture is often considered too difficult to quantify. Researchers have proposed a new methodology in benchmarking safety culture in organisations. By KATARZYNA WARSZAWSKA & ANDRZEJ...

self escape underground mining

USA Researchers targeting self escape

A team of USA based researchers from the Missouri University of Science and Technology are developing a holistic approach to self escape in underground mines through advanced technology collaboration...

workplace culture sexual harassment

Workplace culture must change on sexual harassment

Instead of waiting until someone has been sexually harassed, employers should be required to change their culture proactively, Monash University researchers say.To complicate matters further...