This section covers hazards associated with surface and underground mining.

Downing in a dozer

Drowning in a dozer

While open cut miners are familiar with working around sumps in mines, very few operators may consider the potential scenarios of drowning in a dozer. The reality of an operator drowning in a dozer...

Dust diesease register

Dusts diseases register a first for Australia

Queensland workers, including coal workers and stonemasons, will have better workplace health and safety protections thanks to recent changes to the Public Health Act 2005 and a new Regulation...

mine incident - operators hair ripped out by borer - risks of entanglement highlighted

Mine Incident | Operator’s hair ripped out by borer

In a mine incident, this past week an operator’s hair was ripped out following entanglement with a handheld borer. The incident highlights the risks of entanglement of clothing and body parts...

mine worker had his foot caught in a scavenger conveyour and sustained extensive injuries

Workers foot caught in scavenger conveyor

A man had to be taken to hospital after his foot was caught in a scavenger conveyor at Appin mine this week. The worker was transported to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery. South32 has...

truck rolls from bench in quarry highlighting quarry safety concerns

Man dies as truck rolls from bench

A quarry work has died following a horrific accident at a Perth quarry when his truck has rolled from a bench yesterday morning. Western Australian Police have confirmed that the man in his 40s has...

a survivor from the chilean copper mine is treated for injuries

Mines rescue still searching in Chilean mine accident

Mines rescue teams are still searching for a miner missing in a Chilean mine accident in a copper mine. The Chilean mine accident in a copper mine claimed the life of one miner after a fall of ground...

01 - slip into something less comfortable

Slip into something less comfortable

Mining ergonomics expert, Robin Burgess-Limerick, discusses how to prevent slips, trips and falls during mining equipment access and egress. Access to, and egress from, mining equipment is an...

arc flash death occurred when installing a circuit breaker

Energy Australia releases statement on Arc Flash Death

Energy Australia has released a moving statement on the arc flash death of power station worker Graeme Edwards who suffered horrific fatal injuries after reinstalling a high-voltage circuit breaker...