This section covers hazards associated with surface and underground mining.

Hazardous Dust Global Road Technology

Stopping deadly dust on the agenda for GRT

Protecting workers from hazardous dust is firmly on the agenda for mining and civil services firm Global Road Technology (GRT), as occupational respiratory disease continues to impact people and...

Rapid Test Systems RCD Compliance Testing

RCD Compliance Testing…made safe!

The mining sector is one of Australia’s harshest working environments with both visible and invisible hazards, and comprises remote, dusty, unpredictable sites where equipment and installations can...

fall from height

Rigger falls from height

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported a fall from height incident. A rigger had completed lift activities and was dismounting a scaffold. While climbing onto the ladder, the rigger ducked under a...

Cirlock Lockout Tagout

A Culture of Lockout/Tagout use – we must have it

Many accidents or ‘near misses’ can be prevented if all companies were to implement and use proper lockout / tagout procedures. We must encourage the development of a ‘lockout culture’ or ‘lockout...

Mining Truck

Driving down fall-ish behaviour from vehicles

Falls from heights cause serious injuries. Data from SafeWork SA in 2020 identified that falls from trucks resulted in 18 serious injuries. Falls from height remain a high risk in Australian...