This section covers hazards associated with surface and underground mining.

future of blasting with Angus Melbourne Orica

Orica talks about the future of blasting

Angus Melbourne, Chief Commercial and Technology Officer at Orica, spoke about the future of blasting, the innovation and automation changes happening at Orica at this year’s Austmine 2019...

Dozer lost traction over grade

Dozer loses traction over grade

The NSW Regulator has confirmed a high potential incident occurred when a dozer lost traction after a push over a grade. In a release today the Regulator said that “an operating dozer has...

A light vehicle rolled after the driver became distracted from sunshine

Vehicle rolled after contacting bund

A light vehicle rolled at a NSW mine after the driver lost visibility from sunshine and hit a bund. According to the recent report from the NSW mining safety regulator, the light vehicle rolled over...

inrush at queensland mine

Inrush at Queensland mine

An inrush has occurred at a Queensland mine during a roadway development to a ventilation shaft. According to an alert issued by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines, the inrush...

excavator cab dislodgement

Lessons from excavator cab incident

On 10 October 2016, the operator cabin of a 250-excavator dislodged and fell onto the tracks of the machine at the Mangoola Coal Mine. The operator had to be rescued from the cabin by the mine’s...

China mining accident leaves seven dead

China mining accident leaves seven dead

A mining accident in northern China left seven people dead, local authorities in the city of Tangshan, Hebei Province said last Friday. The accident occurred at about 12:30 p.m. in a coal mine of the...

Conveyor roller fire prevention

Conveyor fire prevention

Effective inspections on conveyors for minimising the risk of fire and unplanned downtime. Cool Mine Pty Ltd has established its brand as an innovative mining support company through the development...

mineworker dies in collision between light vehicle and dozer

Mineworker dies in light vehicle dozer collision

The NSW Mining Regulator is on the scene of a fatality this morning involving a collision with a light vehicle and a dozer. A mineworker was killed in the incident around 4.45 pm on Monday at the...