This section covers hazards associated with surface and underground mining.

The Importance of Hasps & Padlocks

Lockout Tagout is an important safety practice that helps to provide protection to employees and contractors when they are working on plant and machinery. Before commencing any maintenance on...

Bee stinging

Indus Mining fined over bee sting death

Indus Mining Services Pty Ltd was today fined $60,000 and ordered to pay $6,000 in costs over the death of a contractor who suffered a severe allergic reaction after being stung by a bee in February...

moura mine disaster

Emergency at Moura – What did we learn?

The Moura mine disaster of 1994 is a case study in the failure of organisational learning and emergency knowledge management, writes Judith Ann Chapman. Just before midnight on 7 August 1994, the...

tackle dust at mines and quarries

New campaign to tackle dust at mines and quarries

The NSW Mine Safety Advisory Council has launched a new awareness campaign to tackle the risk from dust in the workplace, called “Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it is not there”. Dust...

FIFO mental health

FIFO rosters taking toll on miners

New FIFO rosters are reportedly taking their toll on Western Australian miners according to researchers from Curtin University. As the mining industry moved to roster changes in the wake of COVID-19...

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