This section covers hazards associated with surface and underground mining.

Blackwoods Mine site hydration Sqwincher

Staying cool when the heat is on

Mine site hydration is of utmost importance, working in the heat can sometimes be hazardous, and without the right safety processes in place, employees are in harm’s way. The human body is comprised...

AEI Ionnic Mine Safety Compliance Products

Complete Mine Safety Compliance Solutions

The safety compliance landscape is continually evolving at a rapid pace and mining companies are having to adapt to these changes in mine safety compliance requirements. In an uncertain environment...

FOGMAKER United Safety Survivability Corporation

Fire safety & suppression

Fire safety is vitally important for the safety of all businesses and people alike, and after installing over 10,000 Fogmaker systems throughout Australia, United Safety & Survivability...

ESS 3000 Sealing System AMSJ SPRING

ESS 3000 Sealing System – Easy Service

Conveyors belts are one of the most efficient methods of transporting bulk materials with a plant. However, all conveyors experience some level of fugitive material. Fugitive material in a conveyor...

Control Equipment AMSJ SPRING 2020

When size really matters

The GX-3R Pro is the world’s smallest 5-gas monitor weighing only 129 grams, which can easily be worn within the ‘breathing zone’. Traditionally 5 gas instruments had to be worn on the workers hip...

gretley mine disaster victims

Remembering Gretley Mine Disaster

The Gretley mine disaster of 1996 claimed the lives of four men following an inrush of water. At about 5.30 am on 14 November 1996 employees of The Newcastle Wallsend Coal Company Pty Limited, were...

Koolan Island mining operation

Mt Gibson reported rock fall at Koolan Island

Mt Gibson Iron Limited (Mount Gibson or the Company) is investigating a rock fall in the main pit of Koolan Island mine. Mount Gibson Iron provides the following update on mining operations at the...

Hazelwood coal mine fire burned for several months

Research reveals health effects of Hazelwood mine fire

The Hazelwood Health Study’s Hazelinks Stream, which investigates changes in the health of the community during and after the Hazelwood mine fire, has released a report on risk of death in smoke...

Confined Space

Confined space safety alert

The USA Government, Mine Safety and Health Administration has published a safety alert related to miners who were killed in confined space accidents over three years. Miner dead during crusher move...