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Qld mine suspended after workers comatose, critically injured

Mount Isa Mines aerial
Mount Isa Mines

A mining giant stopped production following a serious incident that left employees unconscious and hospitalised in northwest Queensland.

A 26-year-old contractor is in an induced coma and on assisted breathing while his 25-year-old colleague suffered critical burns to half of his face and neck at Glencore’s Mount Isa Mines, 1km west of The Isa.

Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ) is trying to determine how steam unexpectedly blasted out out of a pressure relief valve while the pair tried to dismantled scaffolding on 25 April 2024. They both came in close contact and were transported to the emergency department for urgent medical attention.

“An RSHQ inspector travelled to the site and issued a directive to isolate the scene. Two RSHQ investigators from the serious incident investigation unit are currently at the site,” a spokesperson said according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The Australian Workers’ Union (AWU) expressed deep concern about the incident and urged investigators to ensure everyone returns home safe from each shift.

“These two workers tragically have not. Tough questions need to be asked about how an incident like this has occurred,” Queensland secretary Stacey Schinnerl said in a public statement.

“Our officials are in constant contact with our members, the company and the inspectorate as this investigation begins to take place.”

The proponent confirmed surface operations were suspended for 24 hours until management had finished discussing how to make production safety the operation’s highest priority.

“Our immediate focus is on providing support to the injured workers and all those affected,” a spokesperson said according to the broadcaster.

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