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Highwall fall

Worker plunges to death from highwall

A mining contractor suffered a fatal fall from the top of unexcavated overburden. An equipment operator recently plunged to his death from the top of a highwall at an undisclosed mine site...

Buried excavator

Equipment slides and fatally buries worker

An underground mine employee passed away after machinery slipped and became covered in a chemical mixture. An excavator recently slid over an elevated loading pad and was engulfed in lime dust. The...

Pile wood accident

Employee dies from airborne shrapnel

Building material shattered and fatally struck a worker who was inside a structure several metres away. A team leader died from shrapnel that became airborne and penetrated a storage shelter he was...

Lorry loader

Machinery topples, pins and kills employee

Colleagues and loved ones are grieving the loss of a worker who was fatally pinned by overbalanced equipment. The unidentified employee was standing between a trailer and lorry loader. While...

Water blaster gun

Exploding tool sends worker to emergency room

An employee became hospitalised after hired equipment detonated during use. An operator required urgent medical attention after his trailerised water blaster exploded. The force was so great he lost...


Wrong step sends worker to emergency department

An employee learnt the hard way to take greater care when exiting machinery. One operator was recently hospitalised with serious injuries after falling from his dozer. The worker had finished...

Extinction Rebellion protestors

Anti-coal protestors lock on, dangle from conveyor

Environmental activists risked their own safety to oppose a new mine expansion. Extinction Rebellion supporters Michael and OJ thought it was a great idea to lock their limbs, and precariously hang...

Pike River Mine recovery

Authority abandons mine blast victim recovery

A federal agency gave up on removing remains of dozens of workers who died in an underground mining explosion. The Pike River Recovery Agency was officially disbanded on 31 March 2022, and the New...

eDumper dump truck

Electric dump truck recharges without stopping

A multinational machinery maker found a way to constantly operate electric heavy vehicles without draining battery supplies. Switzerland-based Kuhn-Gruppe recently released what it claims to be the...

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