BHP ORE TRAIN railcar at Port Hedland

BHP investigating ore train incident

BHP is investigating an ore train incident that occurred on Saturday at Port Hedland. According to reports, during the ore train incident, a dumper railcar was damaged in the incident which involved...

ore train collision at rio tinto weipa

Ore train collides at Weipa

An ore train collision at Rio Tinto’s Weipa operation is under investigation. The ATSB said it is investigating a collision between an empty ore train and rail wagons at Andoom, on the Rio...

The NSW resources regulator will blitz dust levels at mines across the state

Resources regulator to blitz mines for dust control

The NSW Resources Regulator is preparing a major blitz on quarries across the state to minimise the effects of dust exposures. Resources Regulator Chief Inspector of Mines Garvin Burns said quarries...

An ivestigation into a counterweight fall in being conducted

Counterweight near miss

Worksafe Victoria mining safety regulator has reported a near-miss with a counterweight at a mine site. According to the regulator, a 20-tonne counterweight fell approximately 30 metres from its...

Dozer lost traction over grade

Dozer loses traction over grade

The NSW Regulator has confirmed a high potential incident occurred when a dozer lost traction after a push over a grade. In a release today the Regulator said that “an operating dozer has...