lost time injury mining

Are we ‘cooking the books’ on lost time injuries?

There has been a long held perception in the mining industry that lost time injury and lost time injury frequency rates fail to report the real state of safety in the industry. As many appreciate, a...

vehicle hoist collapse

Worker dies in vehicle hoist collapse

The death of a 66 worker in a vehicle hoist collapse in the Northern Territory has triggered a range of safety alerts across vehicle maintainers and vehicle hoist manufacturers and certifiers. The...

Performax F250 & F350 recall

Performax F250 & F350 trucks recalled

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Product Safety Australia has announced a recall of Performax F-250 & F-350 Trucks Years 2014-2016. The recall stems from premature...

Human factors in mining

Reducing incidents through human factors

Transport and heavy resource companies are spending more money and time implementing state of the art technology and innovative safety management systems; improving HR, training, risk management and...

Anglo and heart of australia sign three year agreement

Anglo commits to medical services on wheels

Heart of Australia and Anglo American have announced a new, three-year partnership that will see Heart of Australia’s specialist medical services extended to four more Central Queensland...

Lightning strikes and lightning safety at mines

Crane operator struck by lightning

A crane operator has been struck by lightning at work near the Brisbane port in the early hours of this morning. The incident has demonstrated the risks of operation of equipment in lightning storms...

plane load of miners aircraft safety in mining

A plane load of mineworkers | Aircraft safety

Imagine a plane load of mineworkers hurtling down a runway with the plane unable to stop. It finally runs off the end of the tarmac and comes to stop in the mud off the end of the runway. While it...

fatal coal mine accident conveyor belt

Mineworker dies during conveyor belt repairs

A 21-year-old US mineworker has been fatally injured during conveyor belt repairs while removing a splice pin from a belt just two days before Christmas. The incident occurred at the Murray Energy...

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