Dozer lost traction over grade

Dozer loses traction over grade

The NSW Regulator has confirmed a high potential incident occurred when a dozer lost traction after a push over a grade. In a release today the Regulator said that “an operating dozer has...

responsibility safety importance of being a canary in a coal mine for safety


KEEPING YOUR MATES SAFE IN TIMES OF CHANGE…ARE YOU WILLING TO BE THE CANARY IN THE COAL MINE FOR SAFETY SAKE? Some time ago we spoke with Safety Psychologist David Broadbent. David shares with...

mine incident - operators hair ripped out by borer - risks of entanglement highlighted

Mine Incident | Operator’s hair ripped out by borer

In a mine incident, this past week an operator’s hair was ripped out following entanglement with a handheld borer. The incident highlights the risks of entanglement of clothing and body parts...

safety leadership is critical to ensuring reduction in injuries

Weak and Invisible Safety Leadership?

Every now and then I meet people who claim that what is needed to improve safety is ‘strong and visible safety leadership’. I sort of get what they mean with ‘visible leadership’ (that leaders can be...

truck rolls from bench in quarry highlighting quarry safety concerns

Man dies as truck rolls from bench

A quarry work has died following a horrific accident at a Perth quarry when his truck has rolled from a bench yesterday morning. Western Australian Police have confirmed that the man in his 40s has...

managers may be setting the wrong priorities

Managers may be setting the wrong priorities

To what extent are risks taken into account in a business strategy? In 2018, consulting firm DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) interviewed senior managers from various high-risk industries such...