Category - Emergency Vehicles

There is a range of emergency vehicles used in mines rescue and recovery activities. Including mining ambulances, mines rescue robots and mines rescue drones.

Mines rescue emergency vehicles are designed to operate in complex rescue environments that may include irrespirable atmospheres, explosive dust, explosives gases, flooded roadways. The selection of an appropriate vehicle for rescuers to use will typically be controlled by an incident management team after considering the environment and operating parameters for the vehicle to be operated.

Mining sites may typically have one or several emergency vehicles including fire appliances, ambulances, underground ambulances (for use in underground environments where roof areas are limited or flammable gases exist). These vehicles are fitted with a range of medical equipment to treat conditions at the site before the transfer of a patient to a more advanced medical facility.

Sites may also deploy a number of other vehicular equipment to assist with an emergency. The use of remotely piloted drones and robots has been used in past rescue attempts.

This section covers the use of emergency vehicles at mining sites and includes research and case studies associated with the use of emergency vehicles in mining.

new mines rescue vehicle by Minerac

New mines rescue vehicle

Australian refuge chamber manufacturer, Minearc has developed a new mines rescue vehicle for underground environments. The MineSAFE Rescue Vehicle design makes it a mobile refuge chamber for...

The Draeger Mines Rescue Vehicle

New mines rescue vehicle could revolutionise rescue

A new mines rescue vehicle that has been developed specifically for use in Canadian mines could revolutionise the way teams approach a rescue. Dräger and mining vehicle manufacturer Paus have teamed...

hexapod robot CSIRO mines rescue

CSIRO Data61 robots tested in underground mine

Robotics researchers from CSIRO’s Data61 are testing the capability of their robot’s in an abandoned gold mine in the US as part of a challenge run by the acclaimed US Defense Advanced Research...