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New mines rescue vehicle

new mines rescue vehicle by Minerac

Australian refuge chamber manufacturer, Minearc has developed a new mines rescue vehicle for underground environments.

The MineSAFE Rescue Vehicle design makes it a mobile refuge chamber for emergency responders and will likely compete with the Draeger designed mine rescue vehicle

Minearc says that vehicle is engineered specifically for underground mining environments and gives emergency response teams the flexibility to safely extract injured personnel from the mine.

The new mines rescue vehicle provided 4-person occupancy, along with an integrated stretcher compartment. The design facilitates Emergency Rescue Teams (ERTs) being dropped into emergency zones, while general personnel can be ferried to the surface.

The base vehicle is designed and manufactured by Canadian mining equipment supplier, Breaker Technology and is fitted with the Minearc capabilities which enable mineworkers to remain safe in atmospheric conditions contaminated by smoke and asphyxiants.

A compact Carbon Dioxide Scrubbing System uses prepackaged MARCISORB chemical absorber cartridges. The custom-designed, single-tray scrubber fits neatly into the rear carrier, steadily removing carbon dioxide from the air. MineARC’s MARCISORB CO2 cartridges provide superior scrubbing capacity, are easy to load, safe to handle, and can store for long periods. An Automated Oxygen Delivery System (AODS) within the cabin is utilized in conjunction with the scrubbing system to replenish breathable air.


MineARC’s Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitoring System is a proprietary fixed gas monitoring unit, designed specifically for use in MineARC refuge chambers. The inbuilt Aura-FX has the ability to individually monitor up to three gases as well as ambient temperature via a series of user-friendly, digital screens. Audible voice alarms will prompt occupants to replace scrubbing chemicals or adjust oxygen supply levels in the cabin as required.

Minearc says it boasts more power, less maintenance and a lower emissions footprint. “Advanced braking and hydraulic wheel drive (HWD) ensure that the vehicle will perform in any tough condition”

The mines rescue vehicle has a top speed of 40 km/hr and up to twelve inches of body clearance. It can be fitted with fire suppression systems, hand pump manifold for release of Emergency Parking Brakes

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