AMSJ » ‘Idiot’ environmental protestors must stop blocking projects, jobs says report

‘Idiot’ environmental protestors must stop blocking projects, jobs says report

Frontline Action on Coal activist Morgan Heenan
File photo of an anti-coal activist

New resources developments should freely create employment opportunities, Northern Australia representatives said.

Many First Nations people would rather benefit from major projects instead of missing out due to eco friendly demonstrators. This is the conclusion one group reached after consulting with Indigenous Australians across the Tiwi Islands, Arnhem Land and other regions.

“It is time for our people to be recognised or identified as people to engage with in a culturally appropriate manner and have space to have a say without interruption from non-Indigenous idiots,” Top End Aboriginal Coastal Alliance chair Julius Kernan said according to the Australian Associated Press.

“We want them to fill the roles our people have been missing out on.”

The remarks came after Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price questioned the adverse impacts of anti-fossil fuel activists interrupting projects that benefit Indigenous Australians at a Senate inquiry into the Middle Arm development.

The $1.5 billion project involves fast tracking a 1500 hectare industrial precinct comprising of a modular offloading facility, common user wharf, wider shipping channels, mineral processors, renewable hydrogen, advanced manufacturing, carbon capture and storage.

The site about 13km south of Darwin is already home to the Santos Darwin LNG and the INPEX Ichthys Onshore LNG processing facilities. It is near the Darwin to Adelaide railway and freight terminal, Darwin Port, Darwin International Airport and road network.

Up to 20,000 permanent, high-skilled local jobs are promised to be created sometime in 2030.

However, Larrakia woman Laniyuk defended her right to protest because it helps “protect” her people’s land, water, sacred sites, climate and health.

“We stand with First Nations across the Northern Territory and Tiwi Islands staunchly opposing toxic gas expansion,” she said in a public statement according to the Australian Associated Press.

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