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SafetyMate NXG-CutD - Gloves


It’s time to level up! NXG’s CUT D LITE is the new benchmark for cut resistant gloves. There’s a wide range to choose from when you’re looking for medium to high risk cut protection. The NXG™ Cut D...

PPE Programs and selection of gloves is critical

PPE | The last line of defence

PPE is clearly the last line of defence in mine safety but establishing effective systems for PPE use is critical to the success of any PPE programme. James Roughton and Nathan Crutchfield discuss...

Uvex and HexArmor have partnered to produce new safety gloves

uvex and HexArmor’s partnership in mining

Over the past year, uvex safety Australia has officially launched the global partnership with Grand Rapids Michigan based protective product manufacturer, HexArmor.  HexArmor are the global...

procedures for safely removing PPE like safety glasses, goggles, coveralls, respirators

Procedures and sequence for safely removing PPE

Incorrect procedures for donning or doffing personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety glasses/goggles, respirators, coveralls and safety gloves can cause exposure to hazardous materials...

second degree burns safety alert

Worker at mine suffers second degree burns

A Safety Alert has been issued over an incident in which a tradesman suffered second degree burns on his right hand, after drilling into an enclosed excavator counterweight and causing a gas...