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Will your safety gloves meet the new Australian Standards?

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Have you heard about the new standards in cut risks and ratings for safety gloves?

Let’s face it, glove material technology and testing methods have significantly improved over the last 15 years. And to improve local safety standards, Australia will overhaul current legislation to mirror standards already in place throughout Europe.

While legislation was partially updated in 2005, this new Gloves Safety Standards legislation will provide:

  • more accurate simulation of real life cut dangers
  • an additional cut (TDM-100) rating and an optional impact rating
  • Australian standards mirroring European standard EN388:2016
  • New Australian Standards in final stages and are expected to be published by end 2020

What’s the new cut test?

The new test uses a straight blade and stringent testing protocols to measure high cut resistance. These protocols account for possible dulling of a circular blade by the glove material under the older (coup) cut test.

Essentially, any glove that blunts the blade during the previous coup test will be marked ‘X’. It’s then re-tested using the new (TDM-100) test giving more relevant and accurate results.

Clearer risk assessment and mitigation

Gloves previously rated at level 5 cut resistance may actually only give low to medium protection in some circumstances. This new test more accurately rates protection where there’s a higher risk of cut injuries.

Safety Mate’s range of cut-resistant gloves, under the new proposed standard, includes no less than 8 Cut level D and 3 Cut level F styles.

Risk avoidance is everyone’s business and Safety Mate welcomes this important change.

Having the correct hand protection in every environment should always be a priority, so we’re ready to assist with risk assessment and hand protection user trials.

Contact us today to discuss the new standards and to arrange a free site glove audit and trial – visit, email or call (07) 5582 6400 AUS and +64 21 332 877 NZ.

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