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meghalaya mine accident

Second body pulled from Meghalaya mine in India

The Indian Navy diving team has recovered the second body of a mineworker from the Meghalaya mine in India. 15 mineworkers have been trapped in the mine since 13 December 2018. According to available...


Mining rescue team finds body of boy in borehole

UPDATE: The Spanish mining rescue team has found the body of a boy in the borehole missing since January 13. In one of the most challenging mining rescue team efforts in recent times, the team from...

mines rescue team mobilised

Mines rescue team mobilised to rescue boy from borehole

A mines rescue team has been mobilised to a hill in the Spanish countryside to rescue a two year old boy (Julen Rosello) who fell fell down a 250mm wide, 110 metre deep borehole on the 13th January...

mine explosion

Mine explosion kills thirteen in Czech republic

Just prior to Christmas on the 20th December, a methane explosion in a mine located in the northeast of the Czech Republic killed 13 miners and injured a further 10. The incident has caused outrage...

abandoned mine

Mines Rescue team searches abandoned mine

A US based mines rescue team has completed a search today of a sealed abandoned mine for a missing person. The mine was reportedly last entered in 1998. According to reports, the mine, in Boone...

inside pike river

Video footage inside Pike River Mine

In a follow-up to our recent story on the re-entry and recovery of 29 miners who perished in the Pike River Mine Disaster, video footage from inside Pike River Mine Borehole 44 appears to show no...

pike river mine

Re-entry to Pike River Mine to recover 29 bodies

Bringing home the boys from Pike River mine Re-entry to Pike River Mine in the NZ to recover the bodies of 29 miners, who perished in a mine explosion in November 2010, is likely to occur before...

Tahmoor Coal mine

Tahmoor coal mine closed awaiting safety assessment

GFG Alliance’s Tahmoor coal mine has remain closed awaiting the outcomes of investigations and on-going mine safety assessments. The mine became national headlines last week when two miners...

mines rescue at tahmoor

Mines rescue at Tahmoor coal mine

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW> Last weeks news on the mines rescue at Tahmoor mine where two miners were trapped in a lift shaft due to a winder fault has raised a range of safety concerns at the Tahmoor...

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