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Australian Bushfire Map

Australian Bushfire Map provides interactive location of bushfires

Are you trying to find out the status of bushfires near your property, mine site or mining lease? The Australian bushfire map is an innovative tool is now available on the Australasian Mine Safety Journal Website. The tool lists bushfires burning across Australia.

The Australian Bushfire Map (interactive version below) has been developed to show bushfire hot spots across Australia. The Map uses aggregated data available from Government Sources and other geospatial satellite information. Data from Rural Fire Services including:

It includes data feeds from:

Australian Bushire Map

Where are the bushfires burning across Australia?

There are currently many bushfires burning across Australia. You can find the location of fires and any available information on the Australian Bushfire Map (below)?

Where can I find information on the bushfire’s in my region?

You can contact your local rural fire service (links available on our website) or you can review the Australian Bushfire Map by clicking this link.

How reliable is the information on the Australian Bushfire Map?

The information is updated as it comes to hand but we would always recommend checking with your local fire service or Google Crisis Maps for more information.

Where can I find information on support after the bushfire?

In our article on recovering from the effects (link on our site) of a bushfire, we have links to a range of organizations able to offer support.



Acknowledgements: Fire Map provided by The Unorthodox Engineers

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