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‘Distracted’ heavy vehicle operator fatally pinned

Truck driver pinned
Truck driver pinned

An inattentive truck worker passed away from serious crush injuries.

Authorities recently examined how a concrete pump operator became pinned by heavy machinery on 2 December 2023.

“A truck driver was retracting the rear outrigger of a concrete pump truck. A worker, who was then standing beside the truck, was pinned against the truck’s chassis by the retracting swivel-type outrigger. He was sent to the hospital where he died,” the Workplace Safety and Health Council said in a safety advisory.

Investigators recommended that employers should review their work health and safety management systems, considering the following risk control measures to prevent similar accidents from occurring:

  • always check behind before reversing
  • wear high visibility safety vests, clothes and other appropriate personal protective equipment
  • establish and implement a traffic management plan to ensure safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians on the work site
  • equip heavy vehicles with safety devices that can enhance the operator’s and/or
  • the worker’s situational awareness
  • drivers should refrain from operating vehicles/equipment if they are fatigued or on medication that can cause drowsiness.

Click here to read the full safety advisory.

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