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Gas filled chamber death

Worker collapses, dies in poorly ventilated space

An employee suffered a deadly fall in suffocating conditions. A 3.8 metre deep chamber had inadequate and untested air circulation when a crew member fatally collapsed. Authorities recently examined...

Pile wood accident

Employee dies from airborne shrapnel

Building material shattered and fatally struck a worker who was inside a structure several metres away. A team leader died from shrapnel that became airborne and penetrated a storage shelter he was...


Climbing onto machine ends in fatal injury

An employee who used equipment as a ladder died after being crushed. One worker recently thought it would save time to stand on a forklift while performing tasks at height. However, he failed to...

Lorry loader

Machinery topples, pins and kills employee

Colleagues and loved ones are grieving the loss of a worker who was fatally pinned by overbalanced equipment. The unidentified employee was standing between a trailer and lorry loader. While...