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CPB Contractors

Authorities investigate critical workplace accident

A health and safety regulator is examining what caused an employee to suffer severe injuries. Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) recently launched an investigation into a worker who was...

Saraji coal mine

Major heavy vehicle accident hospitalises coal worker

A mine employee is receiving urgent medical attention after earthmoving machinery overturned in Central Queensland. A Caterpillar D11R dozer recently rolled over at BHP Mitsubishi Alliance’s...

Eye injury

Inexperienced worker hospitalised due to bouncing rod

A beginner required urgent medical treatment after a metal object rebounded and struck him. An inexperienced truck operator became severely injured when an earthing rod fell, bounced and hit him in...

Pile wood accident

Employee dies from airborne shrapnel

Building material shattered and fatally struck a worker who was inside a structure several metres away. A team leader died from shrapnel that became airborne and penetrated a storage shelter he was...

Lorry loader

Machinery topples, pins and kills employee

Colleagues and loved ones are grieving the loss of a worker who was fatally pinned by overbalanced equipment. The unidentified employee was standing between a trailer and lorry loader. While...

Water blaster gun

Exploding tool sends worker to emergency room

An employee became hospitalised after hired equipment detonated during use. An operator required urgent medical attention after his trailerised water blaster exploded. The force was so great he lost...