This section covers hazards associated with surface and underground mining.

infrared camera mining

Infrared camera designed for the mining industry

Infrared cameras have a range of uses in the mining environment. Infrared cameras work by forming an image using heat zones of an object using infrared radiation emitted from that object. Typical...

solar farm safety training kick off now

Solar farm safety ramps up in Queensland

The Queensland Government is providing subsidised training for electrical workers to assist in improving solar farm safety for workers and improve compliance as a new code of practice is rolled out...

emergency helicopter transferring mine worker to hospital following roof bolter accident

Miner loses arm in roof bolter accident

A 56-year-old mine worker with 18 years mining experience has lost an arm in a roof bolter accident in Contura Energy’s Deep 41 Mine. According to the US-based Mine Safety & Health...

rio tinto intelligent mining will have safety and productivity benefits

Rio Tinto intelligent mine

Rio Tinto’s $2.6 billion investment in the Koodaideri replacement mine will feature intelligent mining activities through adoption of high technology automated mining equipment. Ultimately, Rio...

moura mine disaster

Emergency at Moura – What did we learn?

The Moura mine disaster of 1994 is a case study in the failure of organisational learning and emergency knowledge management, writes Judith Ann Chapman. Just before midnight on 7 August 1994, the...

beaconsfield mine

Beaconsfield Mine disaster and what was learned

The Beaconsfield mine disaster in Australia could have had more tragic outcomes. But the legacy of the disaster is the highly relevant lessons learned that are applied today to prevent a re...

graders sub axles failure

Graders in mining safety spotlight

A mining regulator has places graders in the spotlight following reports of a number of incidents associated with the failure of grader stub axles. In the range of mining safety incidents, both drive...

articulated dump truck rolled

Articulated dump truck incident

Articulated dump truck incidents occur across the mining and quarrying industries with alarming regularity. Some of those incidents are fatalities. This week a regulator reported that ‘an...