This section covers hazards associated with surface and underground mining.

relining jaw crusher is a known risk and many fatal incidents have occurred

Relining Fatality – A case study

On June 14, 2003, a maintenance repair foreman, age 25, was fatally injured while changing liner plates in a jaw crusher. Salyards was inside the crusher positioning a wedge bar to secure the upper...

Light vehicle in rollover at NSW Mine

Light vehicle in rollover

A light vehicle rollover has occurred at an open cut coal mine in New South Wales. The light vehicle was exiting a crib hut park-up area. As it turned onto the road, the driver was distracted by a...

Apple watch to monitor noise exposure and decibel levels - health and safety initiative

Noise exposure monitoring to feature on Apple Watch

Apple has released a health and safety initiative on it latest watch OS6 update to likely to be rolled out in September this year. The Apple Watch software development team has incorporated a warning...

rib fall at a US Kentucky mine kills miner

Miner dies in rib fall

A coal miner with 12 years underground experience has died following injuries sustained in a rib fall at a US mine. According to local media, Felix North was critically injured in an incident on May...

Safety harness for fall protection

Safety harness inspection warning

A leading manufacturer has issued a safety harness inspection warning following the identification of potential defects in a D-ring component that could lead to serious injury or death from...

Health surveillance of mine workers should include respiratory health assessments

Regular health surveillance screening

A mining safety regulator has urged current, former and retired mine workers to conduct regular health surveillance screening following an investigation into a former coal mine worker being diagnosed...

franna crane rollover incident

Franna Crane in rollover incident

In another Franna crane rollover incident, the NSW mining regulator has called on mine and crane operator’s to consider the impact of terrain and load shifts during use of lifting equipment...