AMSJ » Heavy vehicle door fatally crushes operator

Heavy vehicle door fatally crushes operator

Bus door
Bus door

A driver passed away while exiting a large transporter.

Authorities recently examined circumstances leading up to an operator being trapped and killed by a bus door.

Investigators suspect the worker was trying to exit the heavy vehicle when the tragedy occurred. Nobody was nearby and able to assist at the undisclosed site.

“It is believed that the driver used one of the switches to close the door while attempting to exit and became entrapped between the door and the frame … causing fatal injuries,” they said in the incident alert.

“The bus had a single pneumatic door on the left-hand side, which could be operated by switches located under the front bumper on the driver’s instrument panel or through an emergency release switch on the footwell between the driver’s seat and the door.”

They made the following recommendations:

  • keep clear of closing doors
  • maintain bus doors in an appropriately functioning condition
  • do not work alone, especially in unfamiliar vehicles or unfamiliar environments
  • only use the external switch under the front bumper to close the door when exiting
  • only use emergency door release switches in an emergency and not for general operation
  • qualify, train and supervise workers in the correct procedure for entering and exiting buses
  • install door force-limiting devices, door entrapment prevention devices and protective covers over any internal switches or controls near the exit door to prevent operation except in an emergency.

Click here to read the full incident summary.

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