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Dipper bucket door

Heavy machinery crushes, kills coal worker

A resources employee passed away after plant and equipment mangled him. Authorities recently examined how earthmoving machinery fatally crushed a maintenance worker at an undisclosed mine. “A...

Coal shuttle car fatality

Heavy vehicle fatally crushes coal employee

A resources worker died after being pinned by machinery. Authorities recently examined how a heavy vehicle fatally crushed a coal employee at an undisclosed operation on 2 October 2023. “A...

CBH Resources truck cab

Truck cabin falls onto mine worker

A sudden movement caused part of a heavy vehicle to come crashing down onto an underground employee. During routine maintenance a fitter accidentally bumped a stay that was holding up a truck cabin...

Crushing Services International fined in court

Mining contractor fined $115,000 over death of worker

Mining Contractor, Crushing Services International Pty Ltd (CSI) has been fined $115,000 plus court costs in relation to the death of contracted electrician Kurt Williams on 14 August last year. The...

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